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Cartersville Bankruptcy Attorney
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Cartersville Bankruptcy Attorney
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Cartersville Bankruptcy Lawyer
Cartersville Bankruptcy, Family Law, Criminal Lawyer
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Free Consultation & Case Evaluation

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Lawyers often want to charge you for a consultation. That is not the case at the Law Office of Antonio B. Mari. We always offer a free consultation because I want to be certain that I can help you rather than just take your money.

When you hire a Cartersville attorney, you need someone that is interested in your story and is going to be willing to help you. As part of any consultation, I will give you a straightforward and honest analysis of your case. These evaluations only consider the facts I have presented to me. It's important that you bring any documents relevant to your case, and you are totally honest about the facts. Don't overstate your claim or make up facts. This will only make it more difficult to advise you properly.

For your convenience, we offer a free email or in-person case evaluation and consultation from Antonio Mari, a Cartersville attorney. Simply call us at (770)382-8900 or fill out the above form, and click the submit button to send it directly to our office. After we have reviewed your case, someone from our office will contact you to discuss your issue and schedule a free office consultation. Weekend and evening appointments available for your convenience.

Cartersville Lawyer Free Case Evaluation

Call (770)382-8900 or email us to schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation. This is especially helpful to our bankruptcy clients to see if they might qualify for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Cartersville.

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