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Cartersville Criminal Defense Attorney

Have You Been Charged With a Crime?

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Cartersville, Bartow County, or anywhere in North Georgia, you are facing an event that may have a serious impact on your life. A conviction could bring with it not only jail time and fines, but may jeopardize future job prospects and a result in long-term loss of freedoms.

Protect Your Freedom & Your Rights

Many crime have statutory minimum jail times and fines. With such severe potential consequences, you need a committed and aggressive criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and preserve your future.
Just because you’ve been charged with a crime, doesn’t mean you are automatically guilty. Our team will listen to the facts of you case and will provide you with a variety of options. .

Why Should You Hire a Cartersville Criminal Lawyer?

An aggressive and timely defense may convince the prosecution to dismiss your charge. The police often make mistakes, and it is not uncommon for the police to go too far in an investigation when they lacked probable cause. This is why contacting an Cartersville criminal attorney immediately after an arrest is critical. Waiting until your court date may cost you a valuable opportunity to reduce your sentence or have your case dismissed altogether.

Alternative Sentencing Options

In some situations an effective presentation of your case may garner you a favorable plea bargain. Particularly with drug crimes, such as methamphetamine, prescription drugs, and marijuana possession, the emphasis is on rehabilitation and not incarceration. Prosecutors are often willing to consider alternative sentencing options. This is especially true if you are facing your first offense. The law allows many crimes to be pled under alternative sentencing provisions, such as first offender or deferred adjudication.

Contact a Cartersville Criminal Attorney

If your facts warrant a trial, our team has the experience necessary to give you more than just a fighting chance. You will work closely with our attorneys to develop a compelling strategy that will present the true facts of your case to a judge or jury. Call our office today at (770)382-8900 for a free consultation. We are conveniently located in downtown Cartersville, Georgia on N. Tennessee St.

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